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you and me

by Silvia




One relationship, so deep-
only to give me things, I think I need?
Rather I wonder how it would be
to create something bigger
than you and me


a match in perfect harmony
That’s what a child would think.
And being childish they taught me,
will never be the way to win


So first, before we meet,
let me find it back again.
The boundless trust and fair belief
that everything  will be good in the end.
and we are watched and safe and sound
no matter any circumstance around.
nor that time can harm our truth
nor our chances running out.


As we were created together
And will find each other again
there where is known no need for perfection
but only pure happiness
which is a childish thing to be
when you realize what they taught us to see.


All the grief and all the problems
make it difficult to withstand
getting lost in pain and sorrow,
and building walls high up against.


And this lonely place, I built,
won´t you rescue me from it?
Oh but I shall not be saved
when the key lies in my hand
Under grounding certainty
of you being part of me


Long ago, we both agreed,
to the place and time, we’ll meet
When we already feel complete
in the one that made us breath.
Joined in happy harmony
finally when we will see
us creating something bigger
bigger than you and me


Not a childish thing to want
just what I know, when I forget what I got taught.




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