“this is ⟫M O M E N T U M⟪
one made two.
out of everything
we appear for a while,
to dance in time
and be our guide
till the end of the dream
where we rejoice in everything”


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You can download this files on this website. With this you are allowed to print it for your own usage, or put as the homescreen on your electronic devices. You are able to download the files 2 times.

With this you agree to never sell, lease, loan, transfer, share or give the images away and only ever use it for your own, personal usage.

Please keep in mind the color of the photos can slightly vary. Not every monitor shows them the same.


Aurora, Freya, Elenor, Alchemy, Momentum and Delusion are here to bring more light, joy and peace into your sacred space. They can help you to stay aware of the energy of life that is present in you, right now. As the background on your phone and computer, you have a constant reminder that all you need is within and all you have to do is tune into it. From there you always find the right amount of energy for the right thing to do at the right time.


Printed out, all 6 pictures can be mixed and matched, and made into an art wall. An extravagant and mesmerizing effect, comes through putting the same picture next to each other a couple of times.


22,00 38,00 


22,00 38,00 

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