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one everlasting day & a night to wish for

by Silvia


No time to read? No problem! Click down below and I read it out loud for you.


Don’t get me wrong. It is wonderful, that it is not forbidden anymore to leave the house
when the night closes in. A little, common thing back in the dark ages.
But instead of obsessively lighting up the whole room when the sun
starts going down… I lately feel the need to thrive and rest with the stars above me.

Somehow I almost feel disturbed by the cold, persistent light of the street lamps, that
make the stars in the sky disappear; although I know they give me safety.
Or by the headlights of passing cars, giving life to weird creatures on the walls;
although they give mobility and some freedom.
Or even the lights of my energy-saving lamps that stings in my eye; although they
let me work and read through the night.

Not to mention the electronic devices that steel my sleeping hormones with all their blue light
(google yourself, if you don’t believe me). Thank god nowadays we have amazing apps,
which can reduce this effect and protect our valuable eyes, but still…


Where have the good old days gone, where people went to sleep
with the moon and arose with the sun?


Maybe I am just old-fashioned and unrealistic, but there is a yearn inside of me for being
aligned with one of the oldest and most basic processes of our planet system.
It was created for a purpose. Just ask all the insects, birds and god knows
what other kinds of animals worldwide that suffer from our mega cities and metropoles.


Might there be something that our so called highly developed culture missed when it banned the night away and made one everlasting day?


Something that is more valuable than the so seen advantages of this circumstance?
Although I can not free myself completely from the artificial light pollution (even in
a small village) my urge to give up the “advantages” instead, is strong.


The day is for the world outside. The night is for the world inside.


With darkness our vision and therewith all external things become carried away, almost distant.
Our mind and heart move closer.
Things we experienced over daytime can now be recalled, thought through and set free.
The day ahead can be planned. Our focus, our mind strength our inner and therewith
outer growth depends on this procedure. Instead of connecting with other people we have
the chance to connect with our selves, our source.


It is a gift, we throw away for some quick mind distraction and fitting in the routine of our society.
Especially in nature you can feel this. When for the first time in ages, you have watched a sun set,
and the everlasting stars arise above you. Feeling how your whole world is becoming quiet, calm and peaceful,
you become, too. Eternity is now not some imaginary thought out of books and movies.
The feeling is instant and although unable to put into words, you don’t doubt one second that it is true.
It is beyond believe and ideas and things you learned. It is real. It is alive.
Not somewhere, but here and now, in you. Let it sink deep enough and you can feel it. The connection.
The world around you. The stars. The sun. You. One.


And you begin to wonder…

it is so obvious. How could I ever miss?


May the love be with you

Your Silvia



Sophie (sophievoli) 24. April 2018 - 19:07

So beautiful. You put a very complex experience into clear yet sensitive words, especially the part about eternity – love it <3 Reminded me of the little village I'm from… I miss it. Especially the stars above me on my night walks with my dog.

Silvia 24. April 2018 - 19:11

Thank you so, so much for your sweet words, and reading this, Sophie!
Your are wonderful!


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