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Good old times

by Silvia




I flip old pictures and I see
that back in time I was alive
but then I did not know.


and here I am and thought I changed
but all I see, the same, lost gaze
my eyes, they still don’t know


how I decide each minute passing
to waste in fear or grow by loving
but mostly I don’t know


my body is a mirror of my one and only soul
but that which is unchangeable is the truth behind both worlds
I try not to learn proper,
all the things that I once knew
instead I will forget it all,
so I´m becoming new.


each minute then is not to fear,
for I am behind it all
And all I know forever now
is honest and is pure.


Old pictures might still cross my way
belong to grief or joy


But I don’t dare to say
nothing´s in my control
nothing is what I know

now nothing that is all


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