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    the power of joining on our journeys

    This Telegram Channel is an algorithm-free space, where you can choose to only take what resonates. You can join, leave and return with one click, depending on how it feels for you at the moment. This is where I share exclusive, intuitive insights and keep you updated about my journey. 



    The best thing? There you find the link to a group that allows us to connect with each other, quick and easy. Like in a forest, the more diverse of a community, the healthier and alive it is. The strengths of one, complement the strengths of another, providing a space of healing, growth and beauty for everyone involved…






    Your support in form of donations helps to reach more people and inspire and empower them to choose self-discovery, community and love. 


    We don´t always come to know the ripple effects of what we do, but for each donation, a part of it goes to the local forest conservation in Germany.



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