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by Silvia


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This I understand


We need some sort of container, to experience a life on earth as a human.
A human life experience.
An experience of a human life. (I think you know what I mean)

There is no comparable way to do it for now but through being put in a human body.
This fact alone gives it a significance and importance, that lies above everything else.


This I sometimes forget


The body is not our most important concern.
When we see the power of magnetism working, how can we doubt one more second,
this life is extending to areas beyond our limited shell.
How can we doubt, that there is a goal for this life experience and the tiny, possibly shiny
thing contained by the body, weighing on average 21 gramm, and leaving with the death of the body:

our soul.


Good life on earth, and by good I mean healthy and unhindered, is based on balance.


All aspects of us, the body, soul and mind, need to live equally divided in harmony, given exactly
the attention and appreciation everyone of them needs.
When one thing gets left behind, the whole system is in danger. Sickness, seduction
and depression can easily take a grip.

I know it, because I’ve lived through it. Doing it over and over again, even now, when I write this.
Because somehow the mind propaganda of social media and commercials got stuck in a
corner of my brain, that won’t let it die for good:


the idea, that a body, especially a perfect one, is our number one matter.


And if you don’t have one, you are no-one.
You will not be successful.
You will not be worthy of love and appreciation, from others and especially yourself.

Although more and more women and men make a stand against this, show their so called
imperfections and speak up against the glorification of perfection, I still see it everyday.

However, more troubling than the demand of the flawless body is, that everything is about the body.



Was it meant to be this way?
Was this body created to make every effort, energy and thought
all about it? Or does this exaggerated investment therewith steal the attention for
the other two pillars in our life and create a lack.

There is a difference between taking care of your body to enjoy this wonderful life and making up a cult where you depend on every move of your body with your happiness.

Because… there will be a time when you don’t have a body anymore.

I won’t.

Will this ultimately make you and me unhappy ?
Or will we finally recognize, that the body was just a tool, to visit station earth for a little lesson here and there.
Just like the clothes of an astronaut, visiting space for a while.


But other than an astronaut with his clothes, we should be able to be happy with our flaws and imperfections.
Instead of worrying about them, or laying our focus fanatically in making our outlook more strong, better, and younger, we could for once genuinely appreciate it for the opportunity it gives us:

being able to interact on planet earth. Walking around, feeling, seeing, tasting all the pleasant and unpleasant things. Connecting with all different levels of souls and being able to awake to our own truth and light in a way that does not exist like this again in the universe.



Maybe the body was never meant to be perfect so that we learn to focus on the things that are.

After all, it always belonged and always will belong to time and earth.

After all, it is just a borrowed good, that we need to give back eventually.



May the love be with you

Your Silvia





Sophie (sophievoli) 24. April 2018 - 19:11

“Maybe the body was never meant to be perfect so that we learn to focus on the things that are.” Wow. Just wow. A wonderful reminder – thank you so much! 🙂

Silvia 24. April 2018 - 19:24

Thank YOU! This means the world to me, truly! You made my day, girl.


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