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Believe in your weakness

by Silvia

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Pretty early the world taught me that being sensitive is a weakness.
Turning you from an innocent child into a grown, walking wall of bricks.
But when sensitivity is such a huge part of your body-system, that you can not simply
bury it; yet still want to fit into the world that wants you to get rid of it, a daily struggle begins.

How do you figure out what is the right thing to do?

If I could, I would scream to my younger self: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!
Because this is what I didn’t. I could have spared me some extremely challenging situations
and would have laughed about other peoples comments instead of letting them become my self image.
But I can not be angry with any of those people anymore- for it was me that believed them more than myself.

An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship.  Similarly the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you. – Anonymous

This world and other people never know better what is right for you, than your inner silence.
Isn´t it odd that the one thing, that for most part of my life, was my biggest weakness
turned out to be my biggest strength?

How I figured that out?

I simply stopped holding back the flood of feelings that wanted to be felt.
I watch them rise and wash over me whenever it is their time. All I did was giving up my resistance.
Stopped to fight them or wanting desperately to make my character something else, in a way I thought was right.
We can not control any of the things we feel.
All we can do is choose to act on them or let them pass by, like a cloud.

Every single person comes on earth with some equipment- mostly something they think to be their weakest spot,
mostly that´s the one thing, where the true treasure and gift is hidden.

For me, it is feeling everything. Entering a room and knowing exactly in what mood people are, what their
connection is and what their intentions. Hearing, smelling and tasting things, intensified by hundred.
Visiting a place and feeling the main thoughts people left there, what colors were on the walls or what smell lingered in the air. Going in the woods or seeing animals and feeling like the atmosphere is talking to you.
For many this seems insane and not explainable. But for me this is one reality. Not exaggerated. Not crazy.
And certainly not weak.

Since I let all this just happen, instead of judging it as good or bad– I felt one thing more clear than all the
noise of the world. It was the silence and peace within myself that screamed in the purest way, that all
I ever had to do and all there ever is to do, is to believe in myself.

I hope you do, too!

May the love be with you!

Your Silvia


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