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Are you even spiritual?

by Silvia


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Can a person who is interested in spiritual growth also be interested in things of material matters?
Or does growing inside makes you automatically stop eating, wearing clothes, or using the toilet?
Does it mean you have to renounce every pleasure and to give up everything you know?


spirituality comes along with a lot of stigmata.


I am not going to name all of them and I have to say everyone lives it differently!
It can begin with a drastic change, when consciousness suddenly rises.
Especially when a completely materialistic orientated life is getting forced to a sudden discovery.
Maybe through a sickness, death of a loved one or some other rattling stroke of fate.
Or it can grow gradually over time and with practice.
All things are possible…


but my experience was mostly like this:



Discovering that your inner self is not from this  world and the person and body you are on earth
is only a momentary condition, to experience your true self through it
for sure makes many treasures and desires of the world unimportant.
Naturally there is no need to hoard possessions, rather then enjoying whatever is there to
enjoy and letting it go, whenever it is time to go.


You can own things, as long as they don’t own you.


Once you feel that you are eternity and by you, I mean not the body, you also naturally take care of yourself.
And for the moment this includes your body and mind, as they are the means through which you can
make this extraordinary experience.
Your decisions become love-based, instead of fear-based in every area, depending on your level of awareness.
Because you realize, you have nothing to lose really. By the death of the body you are changing your form,
like we know it from physics. No energy gets lost, only transformed.


Somehow, there is no need to follow any forced procedure to stop aging, but to make sure your body
gets all the nutrients and minerals, that it needs to be healthy and whole. Which makes drugs less and less appealing.
Just like the desperate need to make the perfect appearance, as perfection of the body is not where happiness lies.
And still a body´s natural beauty can be appreciated and enjoyed.


There is a need for connection and connection is recognized with even the smallest creatures
and living beings and the feeling of loneliness simply disappears.
Just as the need to be better than someone else, or to compete.
A natural feeling of empathy and caring takes place instead. Down from the smallest bee,
up to the most ego-driven person.


not only for people who call themselves “spiritual”


This momentary uniqueness that we see all around us is an expression of the endless source of love,
that created us. And it is truly beautiful, no matter how strong people filter down their source through
fear-based decisions. The forms and variations are endless and they probably will never stop to fascinate
me and remember me in honor of the one who created all and which we are all part of.
Even people who do not call themselves spiritual, but decide on mostly love-based
actions witness mutual characteristics developing in themselves. For they are spiritual, without knowing.
We all are.


does this mean being flawless?


And still I find it tremendously enjoyable to put on a lipstick, to spend money in an eco friendly, organic,
vegan, fair company or to eat dates, covered in chocolate.
Enjoying this world with all it´s forms is no sin to me, but far from it a huge lesson.

I certainly felt the need to live on my own in a wood house many times, but what does it help?
Being spiritual means for me opening up to the true self inside and applying it on the world outside.
It means embracing all forms of pain, senselessness and mere stupidity that are thrown in your way,
and having the strength to love anyway. Be kind anyway. Have an open heart anyway.
Choosing to act on the wise and patient level, instead of our given animal instinct of attack or flight.

That is the practice and the challenge which is necessary to make our inner felt truth authentic.
Ideas and intentions are worth nothing, when they are not experienced and proven to withstand in action.
Every. Single. Day. Of. This. Life.

Sometimes the challenge is given to me in keeping patience in the queue of the supermarket.
Or feeling empathy instead of judgement towards the person which is blaming me for his bad mood.
And – most importantly – finding peace and humor behind every tiny, small thing that occurs along the way.


so finally, what is spirituality?


For me, the practice and belief in spirituality is not the descending of the body, the absence of momentary fault
or the rejection of the material world .
It is the unapologetic belief in being able to fight the lower instincts and to conquer them.
Idealy not by thinking in “good” and “bad” and “light” and “shadow” anymore- but recognizing the part inside that is behind all. Behind death, beginning and end, truth or lie. Our nature, our source, our oneness,
that sprays love and peace in every thing that it touches. This is us.


May the love be with you


Your Silvia




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