“The true power of art is not found in the capture of time.

It lies in the reflection of that, which is timeless.

Reminding us of what we truly are, before we learned to play roles. 


Living every day life from that knowing, is the highest form of art.”       


– Life via Silvia





"I would always rather be happy

than dignified."

Charlotte Brontë - Jane Eyre

How do you want to feel right now?

Everything we do in life, we do for or from a certain feeling. That´s why we pick a romantic partner, set goals, decorate our home or watch videos. You even visited this website from a feeling. Might it be the pressure of curiosity, desire for inspiration or just to feel a bit better.


Most of the time, this is an unconscious, habitual process. This means mental and physical programs from our family, social background, school and environment choose for us. Those programs are often grounded in fear and pain. Thinking, speaking and doing things from them, naturally produces more fear and pain.


If this is not how we want to feel, what we need to break out of that cycle, is to be aware that we have a choice in how we want to feel. Making this a priority in how we think, speak and act, independent of outside circumstances, people and our past…

... it changes everything ...

do you know, that you...


Then start with compassion for the moments when you don´t feel “good”. Lasting change usually doesn´t happen overnight. Like for a singer, the biggest part in becoming it´s best, feeling good is the daily, commited work in (focus on) relaxing and letting go… of everything known.


Sometimes this journey feels like one step forward and two steps back. Sometimes the addiction to relive old roles, negative feelings and traumas, feels more natural to us, than what we are already: just happy.


This is what unites us all on our journey, however different the ways seem. Everyone that searches for success, healing, happiness and clarity is in truth looking for what we truly are. What everyone is. And not one is excluded to claim their power, return to and experience that again. No matter what did or did not happen in the past or current situations.


It is an earth-life-long journey, and we are allowed to take small Hobbit-steps. Starting from where we are now, one moment at a time. And when you pass the biggest, scariest, darkest troll-cave, you’ve ever seen, you can find courage in knowing that you are not alone. And when you walk through the same waste-land for weeks – with no end in sight. You can have faith that one step after another will carry you out. 


All it needs is the smallest grain of willingness, to give up control and allow help in. To let inspiration surprise and guide us in whatever way it wants to come.


Nothing and no-one can walk for us, make us feel good nor happy. But everything can be used as a reflection tool that helps us to wake up from the dream that we could ever, truly not be…


Silvia´s tools


aligning with it, makes miracles a natural and real experience


Nobody else can do the work of choosing again, for you. All you need is within you


by listening to and following your own intuition


through celebrating everyday life and it’s small, simple moments

"Are there stories that can guide me to a higher perspective?"

"when logic fails to see a way, can imagination create one?"

"Are there words that i am meant to read, right now?"

"Are there sounds that help me to invite ease and joy?"

"Are there tools from others that i want to learn from?"

the power of joining on our journeys

This Telegram Channel is an algorithm-free space, where you can choose to only take what resonates. You can join, leave and return with one click, depending on how it feels for you at the moment. This is where I share exclusive, intuitive insights and keep you updated about my journey. 


The best thing? There you find the link to a group that allows us to connect with each other, quick and easy. Like in a forest, the more diverse of a community, the healthier and alive it is. The strengths of one, complement the strengths of another, providing a space of healing, growth and beauty for everyone involved…


Your support in form of donations helps to reach more people and inspire and empower them to choose self-discovery, community and love. 


We don´t always come to know the ripple effects of what we do, but for each donation, a part of it goes to the local forest conservation in Germany.



"in a moment of doubt, the answer is love"

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